Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All things come to an end.

Obviously the end of this blog. Well it has obviously been an extremely long time since a new post has been made in this blog. I have since found a full time position that I have worked at happily for almost a year now and I have completed my Associates degree and am working on my Bachelors. My next project will be my personal health. If you would like to follow that blog it will be quite a journey. To anyone who may be struggling through the unemployment system right now I leave you with these words of advice. Don't give up. It may seem bleak, and there may be harder times to come, but keep going no matter what. If you apply yourself you will gain employment. I found employment again by going to an employment agency. I worked with 2 different agencies and both worked hard to get me a job. Do make sure to look into the agency and ensure that it is valid and upstanding. If the agency requires money up front than it is probably not worth your time and energy. For now good bye and good luck. Hopefully I will never pick this blog back up again.

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