Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 47: "Reemployment Orientation"

So just got back from my Reemployment Orientation. Must say it was better than I expected.

So it began with sitting in a room with 15-20 other individuals that are all in the same boat. Meaning we are all unemployed and have been for at least 4 weeks. It was a little surprising to see so many people in just todays orientation. Makes you realize just how hard it is to find a job in these troubled times. What will pull us out of this?
Anyways, after watching a powerpoint presentation about all the services they offer, we were then taken to a room with computers and signed up for their online site. Which actually seems like it may be a beneficial tool as it pulls job postings from,, Craigslist, and Private sites from any employer in Arizona. Furthermore, There are multiple employers that have agreements to post their available jobs on this site first. Amazing to have resources given to you.
Then to add to it you meet with a person who is trained in reviewing resumes. The person I met with was very helpful and gave me a great amount of advice on how to improve my resume.
Anyone looking for a job I would suggest checking out their website, they help unemployed people, but also help people with jobs that are looking for a new career.

This might be the break I was needing. Hopefully this blog will be short lived and I can move on to a "starting a new job" blog.


  1. Dude, you liked it!

    Day 47: So you did some math, I thin that means you can now include in your skills category that you piss excellence in mathematics. I am glad to see that you turned a corner in the job search. My suggestions was to suggest a new gold rush but that could lead to gayness, as in the case of San Francisco. At least a new gold rush would get us something of value, like scratching lottery tickets which just leads to the sale of 40oz bottles of malt liquor and shitty Chinese imports like "Frankie the Fish". My other suggestion was that we should all riot and cause chaos until Obama breaks into his "stash" and pays for us to build some bridges or something. However I learned two important things, One, is that despite what that the very nice woman of color had to say, "Obama's Stash" or the Treasury as the rest of us like to call it is empty. The other is that the whole idea of trying to get something by whining sounds way to European to me, and not in the German engine or French art way, much more of the dirty unkempt mobs sort of way. Or as I like to say, its 2010 bitches, buy a razor there not expensive.

    This has also led me to my next great idea, sooner or later, "In God we Trust", will be coming off the currency that you will be earning with your new gig. So I am thinking that we will need a new national motto. If I had a facebook page I would start a new national motto group. My suggestion for a new national motto would be, "off your ass and get to work". I find it motivating and uplifting.
    Anyways, I have to do some learning about Administrative Trade Policies and take some profanity and rant filled notes.

    Just remember, It could be worse, you could have my job,

    -"Fucking Steve"

  2. At least you make money Steve! However he had your job and hated it! I agree with your motto - there are a lot of people looking for a job as Mike can attest too however there are still people who don't care and sit on the couch watching the speed channel in their underwear. So "off your ass and get to work" here we come!