Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 50: The Career Fair

So today I went to a "Career Fair" hosted by the Unemployment office. I was told that I needed to come dressed like I'm going to an interview as the places will typically interview and hire on the spot. Awesome right?

Well I show up there in a nice dress shirt, tie, dress pants, dress shoes, looking like a prime employee. Let me tell you I was probably the only one there "dressed for success". Walked around for 20 minutes stopping at every employer's table and got the same response from every table. "Go to our website and you can see all the available position. Just apply online." Well that's great. I could've figured that out by myself. What was the point in dressing up and going for this information.

Needless to say I am a little disappointed. So back to applying online. Also checking with some friends and family for jobs available and references. Networking is everything right? Well not a whole lot going on other than that on the job front. Like I said in a previous post it was crazy to see how many people were at the job fair. Sad to see how many people are effected and looking for jobs desperately now.

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  1. I smell a conspiracy, as we all know, Arizona may be the least formal place in the entire world. Many of our fellow Arizonans have given up on life due to their crushing debt level, uninteresting lives and over-sized families. These sad factor, combined with the fact that we don't make anything or do anything important in Arizona has led to this being a state where one can basically show up to work in a Budweiser t-shirt and sandals.

    The next point leading to a conspiracy is the outdated nature of the job fair. In years past they had a job fair at the steel mill and they hired a hundred guys on sight. Today we have to take personality profiles and whatnot first to make sure we are qualified to play solitaire in a cube all day. So, if all the jobs are really online, they could have easily sent an E-mail or build a website and had an E-fair. The personnel departments (I now refuse to recognize the term "Human Resources") would be much happier to skip the events as they could stay at the office and focus on their real goals, like feminizing men, making the office "green", promoting diversity and whatever other wastes of time and money that they wish to pursue.

    So, now for the Scooby-Doo moment where we pull the mask off the villains who pull this job-fair con off on the good, if only slightly depressed people of Arizona. The necktie (for men) and high-heeled shoe (for women) industries are behind this terrible assault on the hopes of our job seeking friends and neighbors. They steep so low as to get people to go an buy expensive clothes and shoes when they are broke, knowing full well that these items will never be worn again until the purchaser has a court date or needs a job again, at which point they will be out of style and new ones will need to be purchased. Why not just have a job-fair where you see what you actually get, bum in a beer shirt, don't be surprised when he gets a DUI in the company truck. Woman in mom jeans and a frumpy shirt, don't count on her to be on-time, she has kids. However, we can't forget there is no actual jobs at a job fair unless you pleasure a recruiter in the bathroom so the whole thing is a waste of time and money.