Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 57: Unsolicited Advice

Day 57, still no word on a job, or my unemployment insurance benefits. Emailed the DES office asking what's going on and who I should contact but it's the government. If I get a response I think it will send me into a coma.

Also, Have you ever noticed that when your unemployed or struggling with something everyone takes the chance to give you advice that you didn't ask for? And it's usually the same thing everyone says. "Hang in there" "Everything happens for a reason" "It will all work out". Well yeah I will hang in there cause I have no other choice, And yes everything happens for a reason it's called the law of cause and effect. I'm sure I will find work, the only question is will I find work before I get evicted from my apartment?

I get that they are trying to make me feel better, or being nice, or whatever. But if I wanted to hear the same old cliche sayings over and over again I would just make a recording and replay it.

Other than all that, nothing new going on. Still applying at ton's of places and getting no responses, still fighting with the government trying to get some Unemployment Insurance Benefits. And still "keeping my chin up" and "my spirits high".

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